Abandoned chick


5 Years
Mar 19, 2014
A banty started a nest in our hay loft. She had 6 banty eggs and 2 RI red that some moocher laid. She finally started sitting and one of the RI brown eggs hatched with the cutest little chick 4 days ago. Later we found mother and chick at the bottom of the steps--they were fine--and put them back upstairs. Then we moved them to the "hatching cage" in the coop, nest and all the eggs and the hen seemed to be sitting on the eggs. Today one of the banty eggs hatched. The mother hen wants nothing to do with it, in fact was stepping on it when I went out to check. Poor little thing was cold (even though it's 90 and humid here) and brought it in and put it on a warm "hot" water bottle. Seems much livelier but can't walk. I tried getting into the video somebody posted about splinting for splayed legs, but it wasn't there.

Any suggestions about how to splint or exercise the little chick would be appreciated. I'm setting up some food and water for the little creature as soon as I hit SEND. Thanks for any info! BTW, the RI chick is doing very well.

One other question: We have a banty rooster and a RI rooster. Can they cross breed, if physically possible (!!!)?

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