Abnormal egg


In the Brooder
Apr 22, 2019
can anyone tell me why one of my chickens would lay an egg like this?
I believe it’s a new layer as I’m getting great eggs from about 10 of my hens. Is this a sign one is sick?
They all are looking and acting normal. Thanks
Thank you for all your reply’s, the egg was soft and looked completely normal when I cracked it open. Hopefully it was just a new laying issue!
What are you feeding, do you supply oyster shells on the side? Just keep track of how often she lays a funny egg, could be lacking a little calcium.
I’ve gotten one with a paper shell that was broken and a green looking egg yolk inside, then another 2 days later that looked like it was just egg white mucous- yuck. These six ladies just started laying 2 days ago (and I think only 2 are). I’ve got them on layer feed and they are in an optimal environment so I hope this is just start-up craziness and nothing wrong with whichever hen is doing this.

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