? about more than rooster


11 Years
Mar 14, 2008
I have the chance to get some more silkies and possibly a showgirl hen or rooster or both. I only have 2 silkie hens and 1 roo right now but wondering if I can keep more than roo in my side yard. Right now they have a 20x20 fenced off section but I can make it bigger if needed.
You can keep more than on rooster just expect fighting between the two. Once a dominate bird is reconized they may live peaceabe or one could kill the other.
I have 2 silkie roos and 2 silkie hens. They pair off and get along fine till one the hens goes broody. Of couse silkie hens go broody alot. I'm working on getting some more hens for them.
Well, there were no showgirl roos left when I got there but I got another silkie hen. She's white. Wendall was giving poor Tina heck since Pearl has been sitting on eggs. They of course were all fine with the new girl and Wendall was beyond himself all strutting his stuff and showing off for her..haha

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