About vaccination....what if you only hatch out a dozen chicks?


10 Years
Jun 14, 2009
Seattle area (Kirkland)
I see you can order vaccines for things like Marek's, but it only comes in LARGE quanitities, suitable for vaccinating maybe hundreds of fuzzybutts. What do you folks do to vaccinate your babies when you only hatch a few?


10 Years
Aug 19, 2009
Cut Off, LA
I used to not vaccinate, until I, along with all the other chicken owners in my town watched as most of my flock of about 200 dropped slowly dropped dead. Don't have the exact disease to blame, but fowl pox got the credit.
I am aware that when I order the vaccines, I get enough to do 1,000 chickens, but I never did talk anyone into sharing the vaccines with me. I offered to give my left over stuff to my doctor, who has about the same amount of birds as me, but he never showed an interest.
I probably won't often see an epidemic like I saw before, but I figure that if I do, it will be sad, but I plan on not being the one suffering from it.
I am afraid that if you want to vaccinate your little flock, you need to get enough for 1,000 birds. You might have better luck sharing the expense with your locals than me.

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