Abreveations for the breeds?

henney penny

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Nov 21, 2009
Northern Maine
Would someone please post the different breeds of chickens and the abreveations for them behind the it,I know bo is buff orpington but thats about it,if someone would post that then I could copy it off and have it by my computor so I would know what breed they were talking about. Thanks in advance
You might have a better response on the Breeds discussion but here are a few that I have seen:

BO – Buff Orpington
EE – Easter Egger
RIR – Rhode Island Red
BR or BPR – Barred (Plymouth) Rock
GLW – Golden Laced Wyandote
SLW – Silver Laced Wyandote
BLRW – Blue Laced Red Wyandote
NH - New Hampshire
GSL – Gold Sex Link
RSL – Red Sex Link
BSL – Black Sex Link
OEG – Old English Game
CX - Cornish Cross

I'll try to edit as I think of others.
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A few others that I see being tossed around:

SF: Salmon Faverolles (or sometimes Small Fowl for bantam breeds)
BA: Black Australorp
(F)BCM: (French) Black Copper Marans
SS: Speckled Sussex
LF: Large Fowl (for full-sized chickens)

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