Abundance of snowpeas-Preserve?

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  1. Every June I get way more snow peas (sugar peas, edible pea pods) than we can eat. The only thing I've tried is to blanch them and freeze them. We really don't like them all limp though so the frozen ones never get eaten. Does anyone have an idea of what I can do with them? Do you have recipes that require a lot of snow peas?[​IMG]
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    Do you do any stir fry? I didn't know what to do with the soggy ones, but we actually managed to eat all we grew this year by buying a recipe book for stir fry and throwing them in to every recipe we tried. They tasted great in everything, I was surprised to find, and I could dump as many as I felt like into the various dishes.
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    I use them in stir frys and also eat them raw served with ranch dressing as a dip. If you do blanch and freeze them use them in stews just add them at the very end of your cooking time.

    I wish I had more my chickens love them!.
  4. Yes, I do use them fresh in stir-fry. Guess I'll have to expand my stir-frying and use more of them. In our cool climate they really grow well but they come all at once! I've chopped limp ones and put them in vegetable soup (instead of peas). Thanks for reminding me of that! [​IMG]
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