Acceptable anticeptics for young chickens

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    A friend's dog managed to mouth one of my 9 week old pullets. It tore the skin on her thigh. There isn't enough there to stitch, so I intend to keep it clean and keep her isolated until it heals over. The bleeding was fairly minor, but the risk of infection is high. I washed the wound with sterile saline, then coated it in an antiseptic. I have also added erythro to her water for a systemic.

    So... my question is: What antibacterials are acceptable for surface use on chickens?

    Storey's guide lists betadyne and Neosporin.

    Are you aware of others? Have you used them?
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    I have used betadine as a flush for wounds and neosporin with success. I keep applying the neosporin til the wound is healed. Minor scrapes and scratches you can also use Blu-Kote, but not for punctures, serious cuts nor burns. I never give mine antibiotics for internal use.

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