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    Apr 15, 2008
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    I brought home a pretty little silver colored game hen on Saturday. Put her in the coop outside the run to keep her separate for quarantine. Everything is fine til I go to lock up Wednesday and couldn't find her... Thought maybe she perched in a tree. So went in the run to lock up the main coop and guess who is in there on the perch hiding her head under my blue Ams butt?! My flock has never been that accommodating before... Usually takes them almost a month to warm up to a newbie. And so much for quarantine... Looks real healthy just hope she isn't carrying a disease.
    Then to top it off she started laying today. The guy I bought her from said she just came off a molt and hadn't started laying yet. So anyway I put her egg under my broody in case she is fertile.
    BTW if my roo just got her how long til his fertility in her eggs. I mean, if she is already fertile by a game cock will she still have a possibility of my roos offspring showing up in any of the eggs I keep this week?

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