Accidental Flock

May 24, 2017
Washington, USA
Hello all~
Last week, we acquired 70+ innumerable ornamental chickens from a beloved neighbor who sadly passed away. We accepted them graciously, and apparently accepted quite a large task along with the newest additions to our ranging menagerie.
We have refurbished an old calving hut/barn into our coop, ample nesting boxes and roosting space included. It's 58' by 35' wide- is this a suitable amount of area for seventy birds? We have thoroughly predator-proofed the entirety of the structure: to the extent of cementing in mouse holes that pose possible access to weasels and such; we also reinforced the windows with wire, hardware cloth, and a thin layer of plexiglass.
We plan on free-ranging them, due to the fact we don't have the time nor level space to put a pen of such immense size. We've been feeding them Nutrena's Layer Formula, along with fortifying their diet with insoluble grit and oyster shell supplements.
Any tips or advice would be immensely appreciated! :D
Thank you for your valuable time,

Hi Fern, it's nice to have you here! That's quite a large "ready made" flock you have. It sounds to me like you're off to a good start.

Best of luck with your "accidental flock"!
Well lucky you to get the birds in memory. I'm so sorry for your loss! My gpa was a chicken lover. He passed last fall. In building my flock with as much variety as I can in memory of him. But the sad part is when you need their advice and they are gone.
Do you have all laying hens in this flock? I ask because non-laying birds, chicks/pullets, and roosters shouldn't be fed layer feed. They do not need the added calcium and in the case of males it can overload their kidneys.

Some folks just keep them all on grower feed with a separate container for crushed oyster shell. Birds that don't need it, won't take any.

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