Accidentally hurt my chick need help

Cody Hawkins

Jun 4, 2017
Hello, I'm new but I need help. I just got back from vacation and one of my free roam chickens had one chick. This morning, I went outside to check on them and when I went to pick up the chick( who was beside a wall) my foot slipped on a piece of metal and pinned his neck right under his head for like 2 seconds. I immeadeitly picked him up and his head was limp and he was moving sparratically. I assumed that I broke his neck and started crying while rubbing his neck trying to help. He had a little blood coming out of his mouth and couldn't stand and showed symptoms of a broken neck. Then, I brought him inside and he started peeping and stood up but with his eyes halfway closed. I brought him to his mom but he couldn't keep up with her and would start walking, then stop and start to call for his mom. I put them together in a small pen and put corn down and chick starter and he was eating but he would be constantly making noise or just standing with his eyes closed. Please help and let me know what I should do


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Dec 5, 2014
Chicks are delicate. I am sorry this happened, and obviously so are you. Accidents happen, don't take it too hard to heart. You didn't mean to do it, and your emotional response means you are by nature a kind and caring person. Whatever the outcome, please don't beat yourself up about it. It would be different if you were playing hacky sack with a chick, you didn't. So, even though this seems bad, there will be more chicks.

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