Accidently unplugged incubator


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Mar 17, 2008
I unplugged my incubator on accident all night
I'm sure other people have done it too ! I am was really upset as the last lot of eggs I put in I had a problem with the thermostat and had 0 eggs hatch !
. Theese eggs were on day 10 and all looking really good , they were unplugged all night and felt cold to the touch when I noticed in the morning. Is there anyone who has done this and had eggs survive ? should I crack one open to see or just wait afew days and candle them ?


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May 7, 2007
Forks, Virginia
Keep going! We have had other members here with the same accident and still had a fairly descent hatch! Candle them and then candle again in a few days and see if you can see any movement or signs of growth.

Good luck and keep us posted.


12 Years
Jan 14, 2008
Here's what happened to me recently-

I see posts here often where people are worried because their incubator went up or down a degree or they turned their eggs only twice one day instead of three times.......Well here's what just happened here that illustrates how resilient the process is.
We had a power outage which lasted almost 30 hours. My incubators are in the basement where the temperature stays consistantly right around 55 drgrees. I moved all the eggs [about 250] into one incubator so there's be more thermal mass to hold heat. In spite of this by the time the power came back on the temp in the incubator was 55 degrees and it had been there for some time.
The power came on. I put the eggs back where they were and today, right on schedule, the eggs are hatching.
The point being-relax a little-minor variations probably aren't going to hurt anything.

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