Accidently used Ivor-mec before Wazine...HELP!


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May 21, 2011
We have very recently gotten chickens and we are a little green. After thinking that one of my young Roo's had Cocci, and treated all out chickens for it 6 days ago, along with Ivor-on to all chickens, he still wasnt feeling well. I decided he wasnt doing any better, so maybe I should try another wormer(Wazine) today. So, I am sure many of you pro's realize my first mistake. A big one. Realizing I have done them backwards, I went and read up on it all, only to find out my care may have killed. I feel awful, but right now, I guess I need to know if there is anything I should or could do at this point. I am assuming the eggs are all dead and in his stomach, now the big ones are fixing to die. compaction correct? Is there anything I can do for him at this point? Trying olive oil was my own thought, maybe to move the worms out easier? I don't know.

Lethargic and tired acting
walks around slowly, but won't eat
Wont keep up with the rest of the flock
diaherria, no blood. Was white now greenish, but now doesnt seem to be making poop at all. Hadnt seen any worms, but haven't seen enough to check.

This has been going on for 8 days

He does act alert in a way that when I move him, he looks around, pretty alert, with his head.

If anyone has any thoughts, I would appreciate the advice!
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Could be something completely unrelated to worms. I've never used Wazine, only Invermectin, Eprinex or Safeguard, depending on what I had available, when needed. Never had an issue doing that.

In the future, if you use Valbazen, you don't have to worry about worms clogging them up because it starves them out over a several-day period and gets every worm chickens can get.
Thank you very much for the info. Maybe this will all turn out ok. And yes, maybe it doesnt have to do with worms.

I appreciate your response as I didn't get any other.
Maybe work on trying to get some probiotics into him...yogurt or you can do a search on here for other alternatives. Make sure he is getting liquids too. I am sorry. It is awful when you try so hard and it goes wrong. I have been there; done that. It may not be anything you have done is always hard to tell.
So how big is he and how many drops did you put on him? How about using a dropper with water and a splash of gatorade and putting drops slowly on top of his beak? Pull him aside and offer some protein like a can of cat food. Is he wheezing, sneezing or anything? Runny nose or squishy crop? BTW, it is just a precaution not to do the ivermectin first and it doesn't sound like you made him worse. Actually, what you should do now is go ahead with the valbazen because maybe it's tapeworms he has. Valbazen will get some of the internal critters ivermectin won't
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I also never use Wazine ,its a waste only kills round worms, i use ivomec also safe guard for goats, because ivomec will not kill Capillaria worms.
Well, he is still alive. He is walking around slowly and wants to walk to his flock. I gave him some no iron poly-vi-sol yesterday. He hated the taste ALOT, but took it.

There isn't any wheezing or anything. I am feeding him about 6 cc's of yogurt/apple sauce in a syringe, along with electrolytes and Corrid(Just in case). He wont eat/drink on his own.
HE isnt pooping at all. Just white diaheria on his booty now.

I just thought of something that he was doing a couple of weeks ago. He was hanging his head to the side for a bout a week,but then it corrected,making me think maybe he scratched an eye and was looking out the good one. He got better from it, but maybe a symptom of something that he has now? Im going to go study that list of symptoms someone gave me.

So, if I start him on another anti-biotic, what would you suggest? I have some NEO MED 325 powder,Tylan 200, and of course the Corrid. I live pretty rural, but ifI need something else, I will need to find somewhere that sells it. We do have a vet here, but doesnt do anything with chickens. Should I go ahead and get the Valbazen and treat him? Since I don't know what this is exactly, I am starting to get confused.

Thank you for all your responses. If you have any more thoughts, please share. :0)

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