ACV - What's the difference?

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    Feb 28, 2009
    Is there a BIG difference between using organic apple cider vinegar (the stuff with "mother" in it) and regular ACV?

    We're using ACV in the water for our 60+ broilers, however the little guys go through a TON of water, so to add organic stuff to their water all the time would cost a small fortune (at least 8X more in costs). Other than being organic, are there additional benefits to using the stuff with "mother" that I'm missing out on?
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  2. I use a local brand of ACV that has the goopy part , the 'mother', filtered out. Because of our food laws, it's difficult to obtain the original brew and I don't feel like producing it myself. I find that our filtered ACV works well, the birds love it and their shells are strong and evenly formed. The other thing I like is that the waterers (plastic) are easier to clean and there is little scum formed- a quick wipe and I'm done, especially the heated dog bowl in the main part of the coop. Nice stuff whether the original or the filtered. [​IMG]
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