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8 Years
Mar 30, 2011
Southeastern Ohio
The feed store lady today told me someone is getting rid of most of their Muscovy because they are adding some new animals and want to cutdown on feed, care,etc. she said they are looking to give them away and they asked her to ask those she thought would take good care of them who might be interested in different livestock.

So, anyone have any input? I know would need quarantine and the owner has concerns with cats that might get attacked by muscovy's. We have 2 indoor outdoor cats and a corgi that is great with chickens.

I have a large flock of chickens part time free range, 4 Pekins that I have raised since Easter in with the chickens and guineas on the way. Any input would be appciated, we can afford a few more to feed and have 10 acres, so, I am not worried about that part of it. Thinking of acquiring 4 or so.

Thanks in advance. Ps - I am new to ducks with the exception of the last 5-6 weeks with Pekins :p
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I think it would be fine. When I had a scovy he seemed to ignore all the other ducks. They may form their own clique away from all the other ducks.
Muscovies are great ducks, loads of personality. I don't have cats but my muscovies don't attack my 4 dogs. now my gander is another story. LOL If you decide to get them be sure to come back and post pics please.
Am I reading that right? concerned that Muscovy will attack cats? yeah... likely not, unless the cat decided to take one on.. especially a hen with ducklings..

Anyways, none of mine attack anyone or any other pets around here... THE only concern I have with the breed is the drakes are big boys so one has to be sure any hens they have access too are of reasonable sizing but pekins are a hefty bird too so all should be ok, that is if there are any drakes of coarse
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Thanks for input. I am going to mull this over longer. I may go visit them to see how big. I have 3 drakes (from voice ) and one girl pekin so I am already looking at a huge girl shortage (and thinking about duck thinning), so wouldn't want to add boys to this mix. I won't tolerate drakes beating up my girls, but wasn't looking to eat duck either, so need to hash this out a bit.

Also am wondering about getting separate run and coop just for ducks. We have fence ready, just a few days of work and I could throw a duck house together . . . What I manage to get in to when I get everything the way I want it :/. What fun I am having with poultry, thanks again!
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i had to laugh at the muscovy attacking cats comment, what a load of rubbish. i'd like to see a muscovy keep up with a cat for starters, lol still chuckling.

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