Add New Hens?

Mimi E

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May 18, 2020
I have three older (4-5 years best guess) hens and have been offered 3 more that are 6-7 months old. Two questions:
1) My coop has ground space of 4' x 8' and 6-7' tall, with a ladder up to the nesting area that is a little less than half that floor print and about 3 feet high.
2) I don't currently have a way to house the 3 new ones separately. We have lots of free range space, and the girls get a daily outing. How many of you have been able to just add the newbies at night, and have them work things out?
Quarantine should be done when adding birds.

It is not easy to just put new kids in the flock and expect everyone to get along.

Can you add pics of your set up?
It sounds like you have a small coop (sleeping area) which is undersized for integration.

Look through and read the articles in our learning center about integration and quarantine.

Here is a link...

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