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12 Years
Apr 14, 2007
For years, I have wanted chickens.. Last summer, my dream came true. I purchased 12 POL pullets and a roo. I was so happy and when they started laying months and months later, I was addicted and in love.... Well, my flock seems to have dwindled from 13 to nine. I am very sad.. I let my rooster stay too long, thinking I was just wasn't used to roosters and he was doing rooster duty... Then I actually saw him trying to kill one of my hens and another was limping. Meaning, I might lose her--she seemed better yesterday but is much worse today... Of those that died, several have had neck problems that could have been the roo or Marecks or something else.

Before getting chickens-- I have read everything I can get my hands on, asked a million questions, over built my coop, purchased the best feeders and waterers and followed the rules for food/treats to the' letter', printed out all the 'professionals' information on this board, such as Speckled Hen, Pat and all you others who are known for good examples... and avoided getting chicks because I was afraid my inexperience would make me a bad chickie mom..Thinking I would/could have my wonderful backyard flock for eggs and entertainment. Well, I haven't had any much luck with these POL hens.

I really would like to add to my flock but I am so scared of getting some that will/might have 'something' and give it to my girls or that my girls might have 'something' and give it to them-or they might try to kill them after they have been quaratined and introduced -that I am actually crippled with fear! I sat and cried today... trying to decide what I can/should do. I need pullets --I have had my 'fill' of roosters for now. I don't have a broody or an incubator--so eggs are out. I don't have a secure/warm place for chicks... I want young hens... who have been vaccinated for everything a chicken can possible get.. So, what can I do????

I am sorry that I am rambling.. Just really upset and in need of help from those who can direct me... Thank you , from a sad chicken momma
I don't know as I am much help, but do you really need a rooster? If you don't need him for fertile eggs, then maybe this is the time to get rid of him. Especially if he is damaging/killing your beloved pullets.
As far as getting more hens, I don't know what to say. I think if you got rid of the rooster, you should let the current situation settle out for a bit. Don't add anyone right away. Give the flock time to re-sort themselves out, and for you to think about exactly what you want in those additional pullets. (what breed characteristics, I mean.) This is the time to consult your wish list of breeds, and see what you would like to add, and decide if pullets are the way to go, and if you want to talk to a breeder, or consult Craig's list or local auctions, etc.
I hope I'm not horribly misquoting, but I remember reading, recently, that the Chinese character for "disaster" is also the character that means "opportunity". I hope you are able to just handle one part of this at a time, forgive yourself for anything that didn't work, and plan for your new additions. There really is no rush. Good luck with your birds.
You may want to try to find a local breeder that is NPIP. I wish you luck!
First, thank you both.

The rooster is gone, he was removed immediately and left the next day. NO, I do not need or want a rooster. I do not plan on breeding, I only want eye candy and a beauiful basket of different colored eggs.. They don't even have to be great layers, IF they are beautiful...LOL

I had already spoke to two breeders, for two of the breeds, I had planned on adding this fall. But did not ask about NPIP or vaccination lists. I went to the Breed clubs and contacted breeders in NC. Thinking, I could pick up and visit their yards first. I will contact both and ask more questions...

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