Addicted to petsg


8 Years
May 9, 2011
Have any of you BYC addicts figured out why chickens are so habit forming? I have gone thru this same problem with cats, dogs, fish, ducks, and now chickens. It is not that I think it is a bad thing-if you can afford it. I cant anymore. I have 5 perfectly adorable pullets that come to sit next to me every time I go in their room. One comes over to sit and sings this soft, unchicken-like warbler tune thats downrigkt heartbreaking. So why the frill an I already lusting after more chiks based on an impressive photo or two? I have my hands full as it is, recovering from hip rplcmnt, living on SS, bankruptcy, does this happen to others of you-the last thing you need is another life to be responsible for but there ya are, cruising catalogs and looking for hatching eggs? Thanks for the rant and hopefully in time for the next Drs appt. FeelinKrazy. Quetsweyo
I know how you feel. I am not supposed to be getting anymore because of our whole house situation, and because I am not permanently employed, and because of a bunch of other things - but whenever I go into their run and play with them, and let them sit on my lap, I just can't help myself. And that's why I now have four little chicks inside the house waiting to go out with the others. It's an addiction and I love to fix it!!

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