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Jul 22, 2010
Anderson, Texas
I've never added on to my flock & the time has come. I added a roo with no problem but now I need to add 1 hen. A buddy had only one pullet left. So I took the lonely girl & now need to add her to my flock. I'm not gonna quarantine. The pullet is a dominique about 25 weeks old. I'll be adding the dominique to my 10 RIR's & one roo that are 9 months old. Last night I put her on the roost with the others. I woke up early to let them out. Things weren't going well so I now have the new girl in a cage inside the coop. My question is What is my next move? Thanks 7L
Did you quarantine for 30 days I would take at least 1 of your other hens out and put her with the new girl and then introduce both of them together with the flock it is much better to put 2 in then just a single hen.,
I'm not gonna quarantine I feel confident that the pullet is healthy. I only have a small homemade wire cage which is in the coop with the dominique inside it. Your suggesting for me to put one of my reds inside the cage with the dominique is this correct. If so how long do I leave them together before I add them to the others.
I would keep them together for at least a couple of weeks if you free range you can free range them together and then after a few weeks just put the 2 in with the rest of the flock and see how things go. I introduced one hen to a flock I will never do that again the poor thing had a hard time. Do you have a way to separate the pen to allow a small area for the 2 hens.
I do free range. The problem is space. I do have 2 coops but my other coop has 30 two week old chicks in it. What if I leave the cage in the coop & tonight put her back on the roost & tomorrow morning let them out & watch them. Won't they get use to her eventually. My flock will be going in & out of the coop all day to lay eggs so they will see the new one all day while laying. I'm not sure about putting another in with the new girl because she might need to lay an egg. I really didn't want to do this but I hated to see the pullet having to live alone. The roo has already mated with her go figure.
The problem with adding just one hen is the whole flock will peck at her, she is at the bottom of the pecking order so there for will be bullied. Mine stayed at the bottom of the pecking order It is always better to introduce 2 hens at a time. She might be okay if the rooster can help her in the flock.
I understand about adding two is easier there's only one problem I only have one. I was just trying to help her so she wouldn't have to live alone. Thanks for your help. Does anyone else have any advice.

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