Adding 2 young Silkies to the Mix


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Jul 19, 2011
So I have three 6 month old hens and have two 6 week old silkies now. I have not integrated them yet as even when I just put the silkies outside in their cage, the other hens tried attacking them... I'm scared to let them roam around the yard all together. Is this a legitimate concern or should I get over it. They wouldn't seriously kill or hurt them, would they? Any thoughts of how I can start bringing them together?


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Apr 2, 2011
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from my little experience with chickens, I have read on here that the youngin's need to be about the same size as the others first.

Past this, as free range goes I have no advice...sorry. If it was an enclosed run, I am going through a similar situation, that I could offer some advice.

Good luck, but I would wait a bit, as I do think the elder hens will attack and hurt/kill the youngin's...just my opinion.

Hope another comes on to offer advice......


Apr 2, 2011
N. Ga mountains
I put my young ones in a separate area of the chicken yard, even though the hens free-range. That way, the young ones could be outside, see everything, but be protected. The matrons could get used to seeing new girls without being able to get to them. I think I did this until the youngsters were about three months. Once they start free-ranging together, the older ones will chase off the younger ones almost any chance they get, some more aggressively than others, but over time they all even out. I didn't think mine would ever live in harmony, but order has been established and they are a flock.


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May 5, 2010
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I have 4 silkies that were born in early July. I put them out in the yard about two weeks ago in their own area. Yesterday I let them into the regular yard and they were pretty happy chicks.
Today they ventured into the area where the other hens hang out.

But they are mighty in numbers--4.
put them out but in an area where the bigger hens can see and hear them, but cant get to them.

I have a black star who is always very curious to meet the new ones but doesnt bother them. I have 2 RIR who are not nice and need supervision. When you do finally merge, make sure the little ones have a hiding spot.
good luck

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