Adding a chick?

We lost a chick :( we would like to add another to our flock they are all two weeks old. Will adding a new two week old chick be a problem?
I would imagine that it could be an issue. Maybe getting a few more new chicks and ensuring that you brooder is large, with lots of diversions (logs, shiny objects like CDs etc) and a number of feed and water points could help.
Maybe but probably not as they are the same age. And welcome to the forum, glad you joined.

Sometimes people do this just by putting the chick in the brooder with the others and there are no issues, even with a little age difference. Just do it when you can observe, with living animals you get no guarantees. It's possible there could be issues. If that happens separate the chick from the others but still in the brooder where they can see each other. Let them get used to each other. How long is enough? Sometimes a day is enough, sometimes a week is better.

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