Adding a full size hen to 2 bantams?

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May 12, 2013
Hi there!

I have had a couple of bantams for 3 months or so and would love to add a full size hen for some bigger eggs!
I've read that adding 1 can be difficult as they get bullied or take a while to be accepted. But would adding a full size hen to a 'flock' of 2 bantams be tricky?
I also read that adding more than 1 at a time is better, but do you think that would be necessary in this instance?

Thanks in advance for any advice you can give!
Since we have a varied flock with many mixed breeds not only chickens .. We;ve found adding more tan one seems o work better and works out better for our birds. WE seem tohave bantams we picked up last night but plan to pick up a couple bigger birds also they will be White Leghorn and Black Australore one or tow of each .. But I do love easter eggers LOL so its all in what they have and and how they look when we pick them . Good Luck !!

Since you only have 2 bantams, they would seem small enough not to be able to hurt a larger chicken very much. But, since moving a chicken to a new home is stressful, then it would be less stressful to move 2 of them in. :)
You might be surprised how brutal your little bantams can be, even to a full size hen! I once attempted to integrate a single new, standard size hen into my flock which also has several bantams. Those little ones were some of the meanest, zipping in and pecking the daylights out of her earlobes! Poor bird. This was even after the usual few weeks of having her penned alongside them and sleeping in the coop in a dog crate. I have not had near the same problems when integrating several new birds at a time, only normal pecking order scuffles after the introductory period. That was the last time I have, or will attempt, to integrate a single new bird.
MMMmm we recently picked upa baby turkey hes pretty much on his own now I am wondering if our other turkey Hank who is very tgame will take to him ? Anythoughts ? Wondering if we should go grab another baby turkey since peeps is always all over us .. he jumoed in pool and swm to me on raft today ..LOL hes a bit needy hense his name peeps.. headcount of our flock now 14 birds of amny varieties and sizes and one dog so 15 i guess...
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