Adding a hen to a different coop


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Feb 15, 2012
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I have a hen in a coop with seven other hens and a rooster. She is a full grown cochin. The person who owns the chickens in the coop except for the cochin doesnt treat or feed them like they should. I have been taking care of them since they were chicks. How can i put my cochin in a coop with 2 showgirls and a silkie plus there are 2 guineas in also. Can i put her in there without her getting hurt. She would be happier in there than the other coop. If there is someone out there who can help pls let me know...thank you so much.
I'm a little confused as to what you are asking... Do you mean how can you introduce a new bird to an existing flock?

If that's what you mean, you can very easily do this without harm coming to the new chicken. After the quarantine period for new birds, I always sneak the new chicken onto the roost at night. The effect of this is that the other chickens hardly even notice the "new guy." Obviously as they reestablish the pecking order there will be some showing of who is boss, but that is usually very mild.

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