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10 Years
Jul 8, 2009
I have 2 brown leghorns and am looking at getting 2 Araucana , there is an opportunity to buy just one and am feeling a little worried about adding only one new hen. They will be a similar age although this pullet looks smaller than my 2 leghorns. Any advice as to how to add her? I have to win the Auction first, it closes on Sunday. My other hens roost at night in a small coop and are free range for the whole of the day. We are fairly predator free here.
First and most important--QUARINTINE!! It's always important and extra extra so with an auction bird. Since you need to quarantine anyhow I'd probably get the two if you have the space. A single hen is a lonely stressed hen, I try to avoid that when possible.

After they've cleared quarintine start with together, but seperate. Also know as rigging up something so they can see each other, but not have physical contact for a week or so. After that you should be able to put them together. They'll still harass each other, but it should ease off after a few days. Keep an eye on them and go back to see but don't touch if one's getting really beat up. It's usually a good idea to have an extra feeder/waterer out during this time so the dominent hens can't easily keep the others from eating/drinking.

Lastly--There is no such thing as predator free. I free range mine too so I'm not being judgmental, but if you free range eventually you will lose one or more of your girls. Hawks, loose dogs, oppossums, and raccoons are found nearly everywhere.

Good luck with your girls! I love getting new ones, but making them get along.....I'd rather be locked up with 1/2 dozen 3-year olds.
I agree with kittymomma. Also- when you do add the new girls after quarantine, do not let them out to free-range until they have stayed in the new coop with the other birds for about a week. This way you'll be sure they come back to the right place at dusk.
Ok my thinking is I could quarantine her in a green house that I am not using at the moment. It would be easy to set up as a coop. Thanks for your help.

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