Adding a new bird to my coop


May 28, 2016
Leeds, Alabama
I lost my red star last week and got another yesterday. The other three, 2 Ameracanas and one BSL are being mean to her. I know there is a time of pecking order that goes on but I feel so sorry for her because they hang together and she just sits by herself? Will this pass and if so how long does it take. She's very docile and easily picked up. Help I want them all to get along. How do I get this to happen?
Hi! You'll want to separate her for a little while. Then you can start by allowing them to see each other through a fence to just get them used to being around each other. After that, it would be a good idea to free-range them together under your supervision so that you can correct any bullying behavior. After you've done that for a while, you can put the new hen on the roost with the others when they're sleeping so that it will be an easier transition in the morning and then they'll be fully integrated. Good luck!
It's most difficult to introduce just one bird; two or more is much better. She should have her own space in the coop area for a week or so, in view of the others. Then start having them all free range together, and then over time they will get along. She will start at the bottom of the pecking order, and generally have a tough time for a while. Again, adding more than one bird is better. Mary
But I only have one coop. They slept together last night, I peeked on them last night and they were all cuddled together. This morning it started all over. Could this just be pecking order?
I have a new pullet.. we had a huge wind storm and when my son came home after work he brought me a hen. She is tiny and clearly hungry..I have her in my bathroom away from my 2 other hens. What can I do to introduce the new pullet to my two 2 yr hens. She is a stray her chicken family are mostly dead and running free in the forest. Please help me...I feel so sad for this hen and the trauma she must be going threw
You should keep them all inside a cage or coop. Separate the 2 hens from the one and let them see each other, this will help them get used to each other. You should start letting them all free ranging together under your supervision, and they should get used together over time! Good luck!!!

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