Adding baby chicks to existing flock... and brooder suggestions?


5 Years
May 13, 2014
I have 4 adult hens that I got last spring as chicks. Started with 5, lost one, been thinking of letting my son get 3 more.

Really only wanted 2 more but the place only sells a minimum of 3. Anyway, I keep reading that the adults chickens should be able to see the babies but not have access. I can’t do that with my set up. I used a tote brooder that I kept inside. I’m going to try and keep them in the shed this time. But when it comes time to move them to the coop, I don’t think I can keep them separated. Looking for suggestions.
When it's time to integrate, you really need to make a temporary divider so they can see but not touch each other. The hens will surely attack the newcomers who they will see as a threat.

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