adding baby chicks to older chicks?


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May 6, 2009
I have some (2) 2 weekers and (4) 6 weekers... they don't live together but I take them out together so that they will get used to each other. The 6week BO's are sweet with them. Then I have 2 6week cinnamon queens. They peck at them every once in a while... Especially the one named "Queen" LOL! SHe keeps pecking at them when they get near.

What can I do to help them get along better? is this all part of establishing the pecking order? "Queen" is sort of the queen I guess. She's always the first one out of the brooder etc. She must have the roosting spot etc...

Should I just keep at it and keep putting them together a few times per day? Im afraid that the little ones will get hurt. (the two new ones are Buff Orpingtons as well and they are sort of spunky)

ETA: I just brought them to play with the big ones again and as soon as "queen" saw them she attacked them again. the rest were fine. well, until one of the baby ones attacked Rhubarb my other cinnamon queen and then Rhubard attacked back. she pulled some fuzz out. I guess they aren't ready to be acclimated together
I'm so sad.
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Can you put them together with a barrier between. If they can see each other for a while but not get to each other they will adjust. After a week or so give them supervised time together. When they get along better remove the barrier. There will still be some discussion over pecking order but maybe without injury. Good Luck
I thought about that, but the brooder that the big ones are in is getting much too small for them. they are ready to move out to the coop but the coop isn't finished.. stupid rain!

so, how could I do that with their current brooder? I dont think there is a way right?

See "queen" really has been the queen since one week of age... the 4y old named her and then she took on that role
she would stand by the food and cheep loudly until she woke all the others up and they came over and then finally she would eat. She made them all do what she says LOL! so she's prob mad at them.

What can I do what can I do... hmmmm. I need a way to get them to love each other!
If you don't have room to seperate them, then Yes, I would just keep letting them out together and watching them... if there's a way for you to do the barrier thing though, I'd try that.

I had 2 month olds outside and 3 week olds inside that were ready to go out, so I divided the inside of my coop in half with chicken wire, that way they all see each other while they are in there at night, but the big ones can't get at the little ones. Then during the day, I let them all out in the run together. I have an enclosed run connected to the coop, and an outside, uncovered free range run. There's a doorway between the two, and it usually ends up that the older ones are on one side and the little ones on the other, they always stay in their groups.

I haven't had too many problems, I do have a cinnamon queen also though who pecks at them if they go near the food while she's eating.... it's funny though, but out of my older 2 month olds, the 2 RIR's that are at the bottom of that pecking order are the only ones that really chase the little ones around or bother them.... I think they like having more chickens beneath them now, cause they used to be on the bottom

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