Adding Bantam Roo to Feisty Flock


9 Years
Jun 29, 2010
The Lakes Region, NH
I have the oportunity to take a bantam roo (not sure which breed), and was wondering if I would be able to place him in with my full-size flock (everyone is 21 weeks). I have 4 BSLs and 2 EEs. The BSLs were particularly nasty to the EEs when integrated, and it took approximately 4 weeks before the major bullying subsided. I don't want to put the roo in the flock if he's going to be constantly beat up. Obviously integrating isn't all peaches and cream, but will they treat him differently because he's male? Will he be able to assume a full-size rooster's role? Thanks for your suggestions!
Do you know the roos history? has he had a flock before? If so, he will probably get right to work. If not and you have aggresive hens...not sure what would happen.
Maybe keep on the other side of wire so the hens can see him for a few days, let him get the lay of the land before you introduce him?
Good luck!
I gave my cousin one of my bantam roos because my older banty roo wanted him dead. My cousin only has standard chickens. He's doing great with her flock, she's had him in there since he was 4 mos old. He does the same job as the big guys and is really a great fit. I would definitely give it a try
Integrating him will be the only somewhat difficult part. Like any new flock addition, you just want to introduce him slowly, supervise to make sure he doesn't get too beat up, and so on. That said, once he's integrated, he'll be just fine with a standard flock! He'll mate with them, treat them well, call them over for treats, and do everything a normal-sized roo does. There's no problem keeping a bantam rooster with standard hens.

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