Adding banties to 4 week old sebrights


10 Years
Oct 31, 2009
Somerville, AL
Hi. Well, last week I decided that I was indeed going to purchase 2 golden laced sebrights from a local lady. They are 4 weeks old, tiny little things and doing great. I have them inside.
I have now decided that I would like a few more bantams and I am meeting a woman who lives 2 hours north of me and purchasing 10 various breed bantams pure and mutts. They are ~1week to ~1 month old. She is picking and we are meeting half way.
Question, when should I put them all together?

The sebrights are pretty active and although tiny, I worry that they would be able to bully a much younger chick too much. Any ideas? Or should I just keep them seperate until they move outdoors.



Feb 12, 2010
Roanoke VA
they should be fine just keep an eye on them. I just put 6 week old japanese black tail that is about 6 weeks in with 4 week old Old English game bantams 4 week old bany cochin and 3 2 week old OEGB. The older ones I got last night and the younger this morning, when I put them in the older girls looked at them like huh where did you come from for a few seconds then they all layed down to nap. i just checked on them and the little 2 week old OEGB are tucked under the JBT wings like she is their momma sooo sweet

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