Adding chicks to my coop


6 Years
Aug 29, 2013
Wendell, nc
I am new to the chicken world. After losing 3 babies within 48 hours, we were left with 5 babies. They are now 3 weeks old, but we suffered another blow. A black snake got my 2 smallest( Easter egger and buff orphingtons) yesterday. After putting some bullet holes in that bast###, and putting mothballs out, we want to add to our 3 remaining chicks. Any suggestions on the best way to add the news ones? Should we get chicks that are 3 weeks, or newly hatched? Our chicks are still in brooder, so a little concerned on the best way to do this.
The snake got them in a brooder? If the brooder is outside you may want to attach hardware cloth to the opening
three weeks old is old to add new ones. I had one that was 2 weeks old and added 8 new babies, but there were more young ones to the older chick. the older chick just stood there and did'nt know what to do with so many new babies.
Your're right on the edge of the age range I'm comfortable adding chicks. You'd either want to get same age chicks, or just run another brooder for a few weeks until the little are 3-4 weeks old, they should all be able to be together then.

I'm also wondering how a snake got them in the brooder? What is your set up?

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