Adding day old chicks to 12 day old chicks?


11 Years
Jun 14, 2008
West Central Wisconsin
Hello, I received my first batch of chicks on April 7th, and I have 3 RIR's coming tomorrow, I just moved my 21 to a larger brooder (swimming pool) so that they have plenty of room, what kind of problems if any can I expect?
I hate to tell you, but if you didn't raise them yourself the new ones should be quarantined a month or so. It's the only way to protect them from imported disease. Sorry.
I don't think you should expect any problems. Almost 2 weeks ago I added 2 day old chicks to my 3 1/2 week old chicks. No problems whatsoever. I definitely would keep a close eye on everyone for the first day or two. Other than that be sure that your new little ones are eating and drinking. Good Luck!
You know, if I put my chicks in my swimming pool, they'd probably drown and I'd end up having to fish them out.

It's difficult when you mix birds that are more than 2 weeks apart.

... makes it hard fer the yung uns.

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