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    I recently acquired some new chickens from a less than desirable situation. I would like to deworm them before adding any to my existing flock. I would like to use a decent wormer such as safeguard or Valbazen, but there's around 30 of them, so don't want to deworm individually. Is there any dosage information on adding it to the water, or are there any other decent quality dewormers that could be used in the water? Adding to the feed would be possible, but they don't eat pellets well, they prefer crumbles. Any input here would be helpful! Thank you!
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    A friend of mine did fecals on his and found large roundworm eggs, so he used Valbazen (albendazole) at 7.5 ml per gallon once, then repeated in ten days and redid fecals... they were negative.


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    albendazole is not FDA approved for use in poultry. It's not banned, it's just not "approved". [​IMG]
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