Adding just 2 more/ thoughts on 2 coops in the same complex!

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by poulet2016, Apr 20, 2017.

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    May 31, 2016
    hello all!
    It's that time of year....our local grain store has chicks. They are coming in today! I have been wrestling with the idea of adding two more to our flock of 6 (who are newly one years old). I realize it would take a while to integrate them and had plans for a separate coop with a separate run that is in view of the others but physically seperated until the end of the summer when they are big enough to hold their own when I can connect the two coops so they both have access to the large run area and each other.Has anyone had any luck with adding such a small number to their flock? Do any of your birds sleep in separate coops like this? I don't know if it would even work and the two little ones would continue to try and sleep in their own coop once they are all integrated or if those on the bottom of the pecking order in my current gang might get booted to the satellite coop.
    I am just afraid of those in the second coop getting cold in the winter if there are only 2 of them in there. The more I write about the more of a bad idea it sounds current coop is just too small to fit any more girls on the roosting pole....but you tempting to add to our flock. We love our girls so much!!
    Thanks for any thoughts on this..
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    If your current coop is too small to add to it than certainly don't add more. Many people have two coops sharing the same run and it works well for them. I wouldn't try putting them in the same coop at the end of the season, because you said it's too small, so keeping the two coops is the best option.

    I also might get 3 chicks in case one doesn't make it.

    Maybe a whole redesign of your original coop or adding on to it is also an option, or building a larger second coop. Small coops are a pain in my opinion for both the keeper and chickens.

    Chickens mostly keep themselves warm in winter. When it's really cold the roost close to each other, but not every chicken does.

    Sharing a photo of your current set up could help people understand your situation more.

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