Adding more ducklings


Jul 15, 2016
I breed Muscovy ducks - a personal favourite. This year however, I have had several requests for different kinds of ducklings. I would like to hatch some Welsh Harlequins, but there seems to be demand for Khaki Campbells near me!
Since these breeds both have slightly different hatching times, I don't want to place all of the hatching eggs I would buy under my female at the same time. I realise I could add more eggs a few days later - not a problem for her as Muscovy ducks have a 'the more the merrier' attitude. BUT my question is...
If she hatched say 12 khaki campbell eggs, could I buy day old Welsh Harlequins and add them to her clutch once her eggs had hatched? Or would she know they were different and abandon them? Bear in mind that she is a very broody duck!
Thank you!
That really depends on the individual bird. If she's very broody, then there's a great possibility that she'll happily accept new additions. Unfortunately, you wont know what she'll do until you try, so set up a brooder just in case she decides she doesn't want the additions.

Good luck!

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