adding more ducklings?

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by TLWR, Aug 30, 2010.

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    I emailed Metzer about Blue - who is not blue. Not an issue to us, but they offered to send us a new blue since Blue isn't what we ordered.
    Current ones are 4 weeks old today. Too old to add in a new duckling? Since they'd not ship until next week.
    So if we had them send another blue, we'd have to have them send a second duckling to keep the new one company since the existing ones are too big? Any issue with a Blue runner and a pekin duckling together?

    And if we have at that point 5 week old ducks and 2 new ducklings, will we still be able to have friendly personable ducks? Ally is very outgoing now. Cadbury is still afraid. Blue is somewhere in the middle of that.

    Trying to decide if we want them to ship a 'replacement' and if so, if we need a 2nd and what that one would be.

  2. I got 6 runners and a jumbo pekin from Metzers 2 weeks ago. My pekin is 3 times the size now of the runners. Also, 1 of my fawn & whites died within 2 days of me getting them. I didnt get intouch with Metzers becaues I didnt know what to say to them, that runner was very quiet from the start. All my others are healty, happy, noisy and MESSY!!!. Sly (pekin) pecks at the runners sometimes and they yell very loud as if to say THAT HURT!!!
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