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9 Years
Apr 29, 2010
Somewhere near Springfield, Ma
I was browsing craigslist and noticed the woman I got my two pullets from still has some white rocks. They're about 6-7 weeks old now, they lived with the two I have for the first two weeks of their lives. If I went and bought one or two of the white rocks from her would the chicks remember eachother? would there be less fighting among them? At their age how bad could the fighting be? the closest I've seen my two get to fighting is my EE trying to land on the cochin during her spazz out when they get run of the kitchen(their tractor need to be finished). Any input? I have to drive down that way tomorrow afternoon so thats my chance to get them.
I would pick up two from her so they wouldn't be able to focus on a single new chick. They may remember each other, but the addition will definitely upset the pecking order and they will need to "work it out" I was amazed last week when I divided a group of chicks out of the brooder into two groups and after 1 day, I wanted to change groups for one chick and they immediately began pecking it.
So, don't expect a warm welcome, but I say go for it!
I don't know that they would remember each other. They seem to forget things, like their mama, fairly quickly, especially when food is presented.

As for them getting along, I'm sure they would be fine as long as you put 2 in at the same time. They will most likely be fine after they sleep together one night and forget that they weren't there all along.

I took my chicks mamas away and put my 2 ducklings in with them instead and the chicks forgot about mama and adopted the ducks as the new mama.

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