adding new chickens to the flock question

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    Mar 30, 2009
    so i bought 2 new brown chickens 2 months ago dont no what breed they are and there like bit smaller then the rest .so i go to put them in with all of my other chickens and the 2 roosters can up to them and start to peak at them so i separated the 2 new chickens in the empty cage next to them and its been 2 months now and i go to put one in there today the 2 roosters still do it try to peck of her feathers i fell sorry for the 2 cause they really wont to go into the other pen with all the other hens but they cant go in there cause they get attack by the 2 roosters why cant they just be one happy im open for options

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    Here is what I would do. Every time you put the hens in the pen, you should also put in some good treats for them. Do this immediately every time you put the hens in the pen. I would only leave the new hens in there for a few minutes until the treats are gone and then take them out.

    I would repeat this every time you put the hens in the pen. Keep repeating this procedure.

    Eventually the roosters will associate the new birds with something good and before long, they should not care. It would be a pleasant distraction that could work. However, you have to be consistent or it will not work. [​IMG]

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