Adding new chicks

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9 Years
Sep 27, 2010
I think I know the answer to this, but I am bored, so I will post anyhow:

I have 16 chickens, all about 7-8 weeks old, I will be getting rid of 2 EE roos, I want to replace them with 2 EE pullets,
do you all think it would work to put a small cage in the coop, where my heat lamp is, put t he chicks under it,
and keep the other hens in it with them? Will it help them "get used" to the younger ones?
And how long should I keep them caged
up before letting them integrate in? Or is this a bad idea?
I was thinking 6 weeks, then let them out? I was figuring they would be big enough to blend in?

I have till June 15th to make the decision to buy them or not.
I suspect it is a bad idea to mix chickens or chicks of different sizes. Once the little ones are big enough to survive extended violence from their coop-mates, then they are OK to mix.

My chicks are coming up on 4 weeks and I would not let them run loose with the adults for more than a few minutes as I collect them and stuff them in their cage.

Update: Experimented with letting the little ones run with the adults before putting them to bed. Everybody was OK except Alpha Hen who pecked a big red pullet twice before being offered a trip into low Earth orbit. The rooster appears to like the chicks. He brings them bits of food.
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