Adding quail cages to an existing chicken run??


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Feb 1, 2013
Bailey, MS
I am considering getting quail for meat purposes mostly and am wondering if my houseing idea would be harmful to my chickens in any way.
I currently have a 8'x10' coop w/ a 32'x24' run space for my chickens. I have my posts for the run set 8' apart the fence is 5' tall the entire run area has been hawk proofed. My plan is to build my quail cages 8' in length and mount them between the posts inside my chicken run. That would put them around 4' off the ground. The cages will be cover to protect from rain of course. I have power and running water to my coop so convenience is my main reason for this set up IF it seems reasonable. I would have room for 9 cages if I can set up this way. Any thoughts or concerns would be most helpful.
Thanks Bryant
Thank you, yes I did. It's up to $1.45. It was like I hit a dry spell.

Edited to add: OKTX is correct. There are some that will say that they've kept chicken & quail together and never had a problem. But just because it's ok with one situation, doesn't mean it will be ok for another. But, why take the risk?
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No. No. No. No.

Don't risk it. Chickens can harbor diseases that cause big problems in quail. Also, I think James just made another nickel.

Thanks for the link I had not search for any info on the subject was just an idea I had. I was more concerned with my chickens being affected as they are of show quality stock and are breed as such. If I decide to venture in quail I'll rethink my cage location.
Thanks again Bryant

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