Adding sebrights and seramas to a LF flock? Is this OK?


8 Years
Apr 28, 2011
Im thinking of adding sebrights or seramas to my flock of orpingtons (hens, no roos) would this be ok? Can these chickens free range? Would I need to clip wings? How much do they weigh?

Thanks in advance!
Seabrights that I have are about the size of a 6 wk old lf chick. I keep mine separate & would not consider letting them free range or share a coop together. Sorry! Maybe some others have tried it.
I have seramas, silkies, polish, german spitzhauben (sp?), campines and standards all together (VERY large indoor coop-about 1120 square feet, then in the spring I open them up to range in a 3300 square foot run) problems except for 1 feisty serama roo, he sends everyone to running!! I think it depends on how much space you have for them.

My sebright rooster is pretty small. He is the meanest one i have and no one pick on him, LOL. Not even the big rhode island red.

I think it just depends on your chickens. If you try it, keep you eyes peeled for problems.

He is so mean he now has his own pen and two hens.
I let my OEGBs free range with LF, and they are as small as sebrights. No problems at all with the large hens. My worry is that they are an easy snatch for the hawks or cats, but they love free ranging. I don't free range the seramas because I don't want them breeding with the OEGBs.
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Wow, didnt realize how small sebrights were
they both sounds really small.... And adorable!
I think I will pick a differnt breed. Any bantam breed besides these two that would do well with two LF orpingon hens?
I have two Sebrights:



They are not very big, and can FLY really well. Mine don't free range unless I am out there with them because we have hawks in the area and they wouldn't fly away because they love the mealworms I have with me way too much. But they can fly up into a tree, across the yard, pretty much wherever they want. I don't have any large fowl, but do have them in a smaller flock situation with easy-going birds that they get along with well.
You might like bantam EEs. They lay really well, too from my experience.

I LOVE EE bantams. The splash are so pretty! Are they sold in hatcherys? Any ideas on who my mom can order eggs from?

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