Adding Silkies to existing Roo and hen... not working.

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by elcyd, Oct 22, 2013.

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    OK so I went on vacation this summer and lost all but 2 of my chickens to a predator. My big Roo survived as did my old 1/2 silkie 1/2 Buff Orpington hen. Well, I went to the sale and got 6 Silkie babies and one Polish. My hope was that some sort of instinct would kick in and the Roo and hen would look after the new flock. I was wrong. They want nothing to do with these cute but 1/2 wit Silkies. These little girls are so dumb they sit outside in the freezing rain. They can go into the coop anytime but they just huddle in a pathetic pile in the rain. I have been putting them in the coop every night and shutting them in and they still don't get it. The Roo wants little to do with them. Will they ever figure out to go inside or will I be stuck placing each one through the coop door at dusk all winter? Help!

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    Sorry for the loss of your first flock. It can sometimes take quite awhile to integrate new birds into a flock, especially if they are very different kinds, and silkies tend to be, shall we say, special anyhow. Are you sure the roo and older hen did or are not keeping the new ones out of the coop? You might be better off locking the new girls in the coop for now so they get used to it as home, and then just gradually start letting them out. And if they are out walk them into the coop before dark so they start getting the idea of going inside themselves. Also, if they have a lot of crest, be sure to trim that back.
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