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Jul 12, 2016
Hi there! I'm new to BYC! I recently started raising chickens, I have 8, they are now about 3 months old :) I want to add a few ducks to my flock and was wondering if anyone has advice on how this will effect my coop situation. I've read that ducks don't roost so I'm assuming they will sleep in the run, is this dangerous? My coop sits on the ground, I have some hardware wire under the sand bedding, is this sufficient for keeping out predators? My
Current coop is about 4x6, I plan on adding a larger run, since everyone is too little to free range all day just yet will they be happy to cohabitate for a few months? Thanks for the help!
I plan on free ranging in about a month, this is temporary because I want them to get a little bigger, many predators around here. I will be adding a larger run as well
Free ranging does not make a smaller coop any more acceptable.
During a predator event, terrible weather(winter), etc.
I am constantly learning. In answering your question about ducks and chickens, if they can cohabitants in the same place? My answer is yes, they can. Only, if the space and area is large enough for them.

Although it seems dangerous for ducks sleeping on the ground. If you think about it, that's what they do, even in the wild. It's best if you have something on the ground for shelter such as a dog kennel.

I had close to 8 chickens and a rooster in my enclosure with 4 ducks. Mind you, the enclosure to me, is large enough for a kiddie pool for the ducks, a small run attached to a stand up open nesting box of 4. Every night I made sure the ducks are put up with the chickens. They learned to get alone and yet remain apart.
Now, my enclosure only has my ducks. The small run was turned around to make it into a fairly large enough cave type for shelter (covered on all sides except the large opening). However, I find that my ducks will not go inside at all. Except when they want or when the female lays her eggs. I have 3 now. Had a house sitter and they took care of my animals. I have cats too. Lady told me that one female, the Peking duck froze to death in the kiddie pool. (No I didn't believe her, of my own personal reasons and current observation of another freeze while I was home). Anyway, I'm rantIng, sorry for that.

Ducks will need water, they love making a mess. Consider that when wanting ducks with your ckicken coop n run.

Free ranging chickens are awesomeness! Most of mine are free range. I currently have a total of 4 roosters (2 are part game of unknown breed). 2 game hens, 1 part gan/red hen. And mix hens totaling 16. Yes, I have separated one rooster with 8. The two partial game roosters don't fight right now, but are with the game hens, and two roosters a are with 6 hens. I'm trying to DIY chicken coop but husband took the tools to work.

Now, you have a lot to think about. Depending the type of coop you have or add another, bigger one. Once you have your ducks, I hope you have already decided where you want then with wadding water for them too. Ranted, again I'm so sorry.

Wishing you the best.

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