Adding to my flock but tons of questions!

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    Last year around Easter I talked my Husband into letting me get some chicks (I had been bugging him for a while). I just picked up 6 from TSC without giving much thought to where they came from, brought them home and fell in love! I would like to add about 12 or so to my flock this year but after looking into hatchery's I am coming up with some questions. First of all I am trying to go as organic as possible. Do all hatchery's vaccinate their chicks/started pullets? I am having a hard time finding the info about vaccinations online. (maybe I am not looking in the right spot?) Also if you can choose to get chicks/started pullets vaccinated or not which route should I go? Lastly which hatchery would you all recommend, I have read tons of good and bad reviews for most. Any info is greatly appreciated!!
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    Most if not all do not vaccinate unless you order it and pay extra. I doubt seriously that TSC had theirs vaccinated. As a rule, the large hatcheries do not recommend doing it for small flocks, but in the end it is a personal decision. There is lots of info available out there to research. Vaccinating is not going to protect against many of the contagious diseases that chickens can get; there just aren't vaccinations available.

    Here are a couple of U. of Fl's documents, one a pretty good overvew oftheir diseases, the other of vaccinations:
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    I get all my birds from Cackle (but I have ordered from others). I have always been pleased with their customer service and the quality of my birds.

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