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5 Years
Apr 20, 2017
Vancouver Island
Hi everyone! I just started with chickens this spring, with 8 straight run chicks. They are now 10.5 weeks old, and I have ended up with 4 roosters (one BCM, one GLW, two splash Ameraucanas) that I now have to get rid of somehow. :(
I would like to add a few more girls to my flock to make up for the roosters, and I'm wondering which is the best way to do it. I was thinking it would be best to add some pullets around the same age; I have found a few available at local farms, ranging in age from 5 weeks to a few months. The downside of that route is having to quarantine. The other route is sexed chicks - but is it a problem that they will be a lot smaller than the existing birds when it is time for them to move out to the coop? What would you do?
I would go ahead and get some pullets around the same age, and add them in the coop at night. There will be some pecking, but it should settle down eventually. What type of place do you have them in?
The current flock is out in the coop/run. Should I be quarantining the new pullets before adding them to the flock? If so, for how long? I'm not really sure where I would put them for quarantine - I have a chicken tractor, but it's not that secure, just a wood frame with chicken wire on top and sides.
I haven't ever quarantined new chickens before, I just add them in at night, but I totally understand making sure she isn't sick. Probably you should just wait for someone more experienced to answer!
I have never quarantined chickens but I have always gotten mine from the same farmer that my original flock came from. I have heard that they should be quarantined for at least 30 days to be on the safe side. I just have never done it because I know and trust where mine came from.

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