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    Apr 30, 2018
    adding new birds to flock need advice

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    1. Today at 3:19 PM
      NewquineamomIn the Brooder
      Hello i am needing some advice. I have 7 guinea hens 3 months 4 laying hens and 2 turkeys and they were all raised together in my brooder. Now i have made my coop larger adding another part of and the only this separating them is a wall. I also added another part to my outdoor run. Now i want to add everyone together. So i put my runs beside each other and now they see each other for about 2 weeks and they do not peck at each other or fly at each other. And at night my young ones
      guinea chickens and turkeys all roost together.
      Now i dont know the best way to introduced them. Some say i should at night because it is better foe them. but is this just for guineas for can i do this for all of them. Thank you.
  2. AGirlAndHerChickens03

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    Sep 24, 2018
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    I'm not sure if it's the same as chickens, I normally let them free-range together during the day. That way if they need to run from each other, they can. Normally there will be a couple scuffles, but there always are because they are trying to figure out the pecking order. If you decide to do this then I suggest you keep an eye on them for a while after you first introduce them. If the fights get too bad then put a stop to it.

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