Adding to my Micro much space do I need??


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Nov 12, 2017
Northwest New Jersey
I assume it will be a walk in coop so you don’t have to bend continuously or crawl around. Also considerate when you need someone else to chicken-sit. Much easier for grabbing chickens for an inspection.
4sqft per bird walk around floor not including nests. Nests can hang on the wall 2 ft off the floor to accommodate walking space.
1nest per 4-5 birds.
1ft long roost per bird higher than the nests and 1 foot away from the wall. May I suggest just a bout 6 inches higher than your waist?
8 inches below the roost run a 2 foot wide poop board against the wall. As they sleep on the roost they will drop poop on it keeping the floor cleaner. Less bending.
1sqft hardware cloth covered Ventilation under the eaves well above their roosting heads.
slant the roop so snow slides off.
So with 24 birds you’ll need minimally an 8X12 coop. That’s what I have for my 14 birds. Bigger than they need? Maybe, but these measurements are minimal for your 24. I’d add a bit more for comfort.
10 sqft per bird in the run. That’s 240 sqft for you. Again, more is better. Mine is 300 sqft. It’s 10X30.
Those are my idea of basics for your flock.
My question is where will you confine the new “rough” birds for a couple of months for quarantine?
Keep us updated. Pictures would be great. And keep asking questions. :thumbsup
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