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Nov 1, 2011
I had bought six chickens and raised them from a few days old chicks. After seven weeks, it looks like only two are going to be pullets (one died after a few days, unfortunately). The lady who sold me the chicks will take back any chick that turns out to be a rooster. As I am hoping to have six laying hens, I'm wondering what to do next in terms of adding to the flock. Can anyone tell me what their flock integration experience is when:

1. integrating two groups of similar aged chicks (all around seven to eight weeks).

2. Introducing six weeks old chicks to 16 weeks old pullets (this will be the age difference between the two batches of chicks/pullets if I start from day old chicks again, factoring availability of breeds I want from Murray McMurray Hatchery).

Would the first scenario be better for all the chicks? I am actually not that keen on the first scenario as I am loath to buy/set up another big enough safe living situation for four chicks while they are in their 30 day quarantine.
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