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Feb 6, 2016
I'm hoping I don't have myself in a mess- I have 27 birds out in the yard and 30 in my garage that really need to be integrated into the flock. I can't really separate that many chickens for 2-3 weeks since its planned they all be in the same coop. What would happen if I just put them all in together "cold turkey" in the morning while they're all outside and go from there. Any ideas?
Not sure how old your garage chickens are. At some point, your garage flock will have to be acclimatised to considering the coop as their new home - how do you plan to do that? Here's a few links that help you devise a strategy.

Good luck
One of the things that is strongly in your favor is the nearly equal numbers of both flocks. The fewer new birds one adds, the more abuse they take, with a large number of new birds, the abuse is spread out over all.

However, you are doubling your flock, so you really need to know if you have enough space in the run and coop, overcrowding is the biggest problem maker.

If it is an option, I would open the gates, let the original flock out of the coop/run. Shut the gate so they cannot get back in, put your new flock in the set up. This will allow the new birds a chance to get familiar with the set up, without pressure or attack. Make sure you have hide outs set up, a place where birds can get in the shade, where birds can perch, multiple vertical levels in the run, multiple water and feed stations. Walk around in this set up, so that birds move through out it, finding the options.

Then very close to dark, if you can after the new have roosted, let the older birds in. Get out there early the next morning, and check through out the day. I think you will have skirmishes, but most should be ok, however there may be a few birds that are taking the brunt of it. Those few, you could more easily do a see and separate situation for a while if needed.

Mrs K

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