Adding vaccinated birds to an unvaccinated flock

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by Knock Kneed Hen, Aug 25, 2010.

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    I have some birds that were vaccinated, some not. I REALLY want a blue egg layer (it can be a three legged cyclops with bad breath as long as it lays a blue egg)!! I think I can get a couple of birds but the seller gives live vaccines. Does it matter? Can a bird given a live vaccine potentially infect an unvaccinated bird? Thanks! And if you're in the San Diego with a blue egg layer needing a home PM me!

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  2. Ridgerunner

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    Which vaccine? What are they vaccinated against?
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    I'm going to assume the new birds were vaccinated against Marek's. It's important to know that Marek vaccination is a preventative, not a treatment/cure.

    In this case, I'd recommend vaccinating your home flock in preparation and keeping an eye on them during the quarantine period. You'll need to keep an eye on behavior and the eye, given the Marek tumors are visible in the eye.

    If I'm understanding the write up - a vaccinated bird can transfer the disease, as the vaccinating is non-sterilizing (i.e. it won't kill the disease if already present). So any of your new birds could have it, even though they've been vaccinated, and spread it to your home flock.
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    Adding unvaccinated birds to a vaccinated flock. (hmmmm... maybe I should have started a new post?)

    OK.... I am scanning the forum and I keep reading conflicting information on the Marek's vaccine. I am trying to find out the same thing. All my chickens at home have been vaccinated at 1 day old. They range from ages 1.5 years to 4 weeks. I will be getting more vaccinated chicks (newborns) in around the 27th of this month. Also, on the 18th, I should be getting some more newborns as well, but they will not be vaccinated because the person ordering them does not vaccinate his flock.

    Will this in any way be a danger to my already vaccinated chickens or chicks, or to the chicks that are not vaccinated?


    NEVER MIND!!! I found a very informative post.... still a bit confused but still reading [​IMG]

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    Knock Kneed Hen, could you please clarify which vaccine you are asking about? Also, how old are your birds?

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