addition to existing coop for Polish contingency

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    We have a couple of Polish(right now I think we have 2 roos and 2 hens...(but it may be 1 roo and 3 hens) all hatched in Spring of 2011 that we would like to separate from the rest of our flock for breeding purposes. We are considering just adding on a wing to the current coop and a long narrow run that is parallel to the existing the two runs would share a section of fence and the coops would share a wall. I cant figure out how to retrieve my pics from my BYC page to put on here...but you can click on the link to see our current coop. I was thinking about just one nest box for the 2 maybe 3 hens and the run part would be approximately 2' wide by 20' long by 6'high...witha gate in the rear to enter the run portion to clean, etc. I know it is narrow...but there is an existing horse fence that we cant move. There would be some type of hatch door on the coop section that would be approximately 2'wide by 4'deep by 6'high...and a single nest box that matches the one on the existing coop.
    We were getting eggs from at least one of our Polish hens(about 2 a week for a month or two) but they stopped laying over a month ago. I assume it was because of too much rooster action and they are stressed. The polish are losing more feathers than the rest and the one for-sure roo has no tail feathers left:( We would like to hurry and get them separated. Does anyone have any pics of coop additions you made where you just added a parallel run? Thanks for any pics in advance!

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    The feathers coming out and cessation of egg laying would be from molting. Mine look like weasels chewed on them and spit them out!

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