Administering Baytril AND a wormer?

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    I have a 6 month old Dominique with a limp. After I took her to the vet, she said she was developing bumblefoot and gave her an antibiotic injection along with an Rx for baytril mixed with the water. However, Freckles is underweight (4lbs, 3oz), so I suspect worms. How can I safely worm her with either ivermectin or fenbendazole (or something else) while administering baytril in her water? I kinda thought the vet was full of it, the visit plus Rx cost $130!

    edit: She does have bumblefoot, but the parasite load/weight issue will not help her fight off the staph, in my opinion. Hope that's clear. I just need to figure out how to treat for both.
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    You can do the pour on - on the skin at the base of the neck. How is your chicken doing?

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